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Apple Inc

Apple Computer first founded on 1 April 1976, California, United States, Cupertino

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Calix Brex
Carl Whiteside
Cory Brandett
John Menece
Ron Henrich

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The NBA you know today was not called NBA when they started. It is called Basketball Association of America. BAA was founded on year 1946 in New York City there are two major league in United States on that time BAA and another one is National Basketball League (NBL). BAA and NBL decided to join each other and the name NBA was born on year 1949. After NBA was born the league started to gain more popularity and well known in the world until now. 30 teams competing each other in NBA and all 29 teams is on United States and only Toronto Raptors is the Canadian team in the NBA.

Date founded the NBA

Game 1 NBA Finals of GSW vs Cavs

A Fidget Spinner hottest toy in year 2017 or some say a stress relieving toy. Because of the popularity of the toy some largest company like Toy ‘R’ Us having hard time to getting more stock. The Fidget Spinner is already exist in the year 1990s on that time the toy is not yet really known in the world.  Some claims that this toy can help people that have autism, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or even anxiety. The claim that this toy can help some of the disorder get he’s popularity even there’s no scientific evidence for that claim. Even though there’s a debate about this toy some schools allowed the toy to be used that they believe to help students to be more focus. But some say that the toy is more a distraction than helping people.


Antikythera Mechanism was known as world oldest computer and this computer found in the sea and believe that this mechanism is 2000 years old. The theory is that this mechanism can predict the next Olympic game or even the next eclipse. After the scan of this thing they saw 27 gears inside this thing which is very extraordinary.

Antikythera Mechanism Discovered

Google Date Founded

Apple Computer first founded on 1 April 1976, California, United States, Cupertino

Apple Computer 1 Release